Why Kenya is the Best Country in Africa

Kenya is the best country in Africa

  1. An ever-growing economy

  2. Large infrastructure projects

  3. Strategic geographical location

  4. Hospitable people

  5. Rich wildlife

  6. Rich Culture

Kenya is a beautiful East African country that is blossoming in various sectors. The country offers fantastic safari experiences, friendly people, and a fantastic sub-Saharan climate, among other aspects.

In addition, Kenya has various opportunities perfect for foreign investors and visitors. It maintains diplomatic relations with its neighbors. It allows the country to maintain dominance in the Eastern Africa region. There are many reasons why Kenya is a leading country in Africa. They include;

An ever-growing economy

Over the past few years, Africa’s economic growth is driven by the East African region. The economic growth receives a boost from the improving Gross Domestic Product of Kenya. The Kenyan economy has various strong business sectors that allow the country to be one of the best countries to invest in Africa. The economy has a constant supply of skilled and semi-skilled labor force that is readily available.

Large infrastructure projects

Kenya leads the East African region in top-level mega infrastructure projects. It maintains its lead as the regional powerhouse because of world-class projects that have improved the way of living of the Kenyan people. Some of the projects include the Kenya standard gauge railway, Lamu port project, and the Lake Turkana wind power project.

Strategic geographical location

Kenya is the most strategically located country among its East African compatriots. The country’s positioning provides easy access to the massive East African Community and other regional markets. Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline offers an effective outlet for export activities of larger markets in the African region.

Some of the words largest brands like Google, Airtel, Coca Cola, and Visa have their regional headquarters in Nairobi because of the ease of access of the country. It has turned Nairobi into a regional business hub.

Hospitable people

In addition to Kenya’s spectacular landscape, it has inviting locals with a diverse culture that ignites humanity and friendliness. The country has over 45 tribes filled with rich heritage and ethnic groups that are scattered across Kenya. In addition, Kenya is home to some of the worlds’ best athletics and marathon champions. The Kenyan people also have an extensive history of achievement since the attainment of independence.

Rich wildlife

Over the years, Kenya has been a top choice international tourist destination. Its vast wildlife acts as a tourist attraction. Annually, visitors from all over the world come to Kenya to witness the great wildebeest migration. The natural activity was voted as the eighth wonder of the world. This outstanding migration sees over 1.3 million wildebeest and other predators gallop across Tanzanian plains into Kenya from July to October.

Kenya is also home to many natural phenomena like the Lake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo National park, and Amboseli National park. All these national parks have vast populations of various species of wild animals.

In conclusion, Kenya plays a crucial role in the growth and stabilization of the African economy. Its diplomatic relations with other neighboring countries provide a harmonious existence healthy for international markets.

kenya is the best country in africa
kenya the best country in africa
why kenya is the best country in africa


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