Where to Buy Cheap Things in Nairobi

Where to Buy Cheap Things in Nairobi

Kenyans are some of the busiest and business-minded people in Africa. With that in mind, they like fast services and cheap products that would not put huge dents in their daily incomes. They look for the best places where these pocket-friendly products are readily available without much struggle.

Places where you can buy cheap things in Nairobi

  1. Gikomba
  2. River Road
  3. Kamukunji
  4. Marikiti
  5. Dubois Road
  6. Muthurwa


Gikomba is an infamous general market that offers a wide range of products at very affordable prices. Very few Kenyans and the super-rich might not have a clue of what the market looks like. The buzzing place is a beehive of activities of businesspeople conducting their daily activities. You only need to visit the area early in the morning and access the products of your choice.

Although the open-air market is better known for selling clothes on both a wholesale and retail basis, there are other products like foodstuffs, footwear, travel ware, and indigenous products like Maasai sandals and belts. Other household items are also available in the Gikomba market.

River Road

River Road is perhaps the busiest business street that offers products at very affordable prices. The street is like a vast mall that provides all items under one roof. It is convenient, especially for upcountry travelers who don’t have much time to go to shopping stores—however, it’s crucial to beware of counterfeit goods when shopping in this street.

At affordable prices, River Road has all products, including electronics, household items, school products, underwear, and cosmetic enhancements. Hawkers on the sidewalks also display cheap clothes for people in a hurry.


Kamukunji is a perfect marketplace for shopping household items like carpets, kitchenware, curtain drapes, beddings, plastic furniture, and laundry products. The place has several mini-malls that stack products you can purchase in either wholesale or retail.

The vast marketplace has a police station and an upcountry bus station nearby. Therefore, human traffic in the area is high, making the various retailers avail their products at affordable prices to cater to everybody.


Marikiti is the ultimate home of cheap and affordable vegetables and other foodstuffs. Every farm product in this marketplace comes at extremely pocket-friendly prices. For instance, you can purchase around five tomatoes for Ksh 10 only.

Dubois Road

Just like River Road, Dubois Road is a one-stop street for cosmetic products like beauty enhancements, hair products, and perfumes at affordable prices. In addition, there are all types of jewelry available in this infamous street. However, beware of counterfeits and be sure to scrutinize the products to identify if they are genuine.


We cannot fail to mention this crowded and ever-busy marketplace that avails various products to Kenyans. The area has mane clothes stalls at affordable prices. Similarly, there are cheap eateries inside Muthurwa. However, it takes heart and courage to eat in one of them because the area is not one of the most hygienic places.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming when looking for affordable products to purchase. Nairobi has the above places for the low-income individuals who cannot afford to embezzle their products in rich people’s stuff. However, be careful when shopping in these areas to avoid counterfeits, con artists, sneaky pickpockets, and in some cases, stepping into a mud puddle.

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