Things to Do in Kenya and Tanzania

 Things to Do in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania are two neighboring East African nations with a fair share of similarities and differences. The two nations are home to the bubbliest and fun-loving population on the continent. Similarly, they share a great deal of cultural diversity and wildlife heritage that puts them among top tourist destinations worldwide.

Best things to do in Kenya and Tanzania in two weeks

  1. Nairobi, Kenya – 2 days
  2. Masai Mara trip, Kenya – 2 days
  3. Mombasa, Kenya – 2 days
  4. Arusha, Tanzania – 2 days
  5. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – 2 days
  6. Moshi, Tanzania – 2 days
  7. Zanzibar, Tanzania – 2 days

Nairobi, Kenya – 2 days

Nairobi is one of the busiest cities in Africa. The notion of it not being a good destination for a first-timer is overrated and out of a subject. There are various serene activities that you can engage yourself in around the country’s capital. The city spots different world-class restaurants where you can check in and has the time of your life.

Similarly, you can tour the various national parks and animal orphanages dotted on the city’s outskirts. There are also plenty of markets with artistic features and products that will drain your pocket. Spend a night in one of Nairobi’s trendy clubs and world-class bars that will leave you not wanting to go. Here, you can enjoy signature cocktails and a splash of Kenya’s beautiful ladies that will make you forget home, literally.

Masai Mara trip, Kenya – 2 days

The magnificent national park is home to various wildlife species, including rare birds, rhinos, and vast herds of elephants that will take your breath away. You can access the reserve by air or road, depending on your budget and timeline. You can go for various horse riding, hot-air balloon riding, bush camping, and sightseeing.

Similarly, you can learn the way of life of the Maasai by interacting with them and visiting their townships. You can also witness the Great Wildebeest Migration that takes place annually. Remember, your trip is not complete without a safari hike and wildlife photography. Take your time identifying the best animal spots like watering ponds to capture the best images to share with your family.

Mombasa, Kenya – 2 days

Mombasa is a coastal town with many tourist attraction sites and activities that can make up for your two days’ allowance. You can spend your first day visiting old and iconic areas like the Gedi Ruins, the Fort Jesus Museum, and Bamburi Beach with old colonial houses that hold a rich Kenyan history. You can also visit Jumba la Mtwana and learn about the varied history of Arabs, Islam, and African people who brought about the Swahili culture. 

Similarly, you can go scuba diving in the magnificent coral reefs distributed along various beaches. Enhance your experience by sun basking in the hot and wet sand or visiting the Mombasa Marine National Park to capture attractive sea life pictures. You can also visit Old Town and interact with the ever-bubbly and welcoming locals who will make it their business to entertain you.

Organize your preferred travel method to Tanzania. The cheapest is by road travel, but you can also use air travel to afford it.

Arusha, Tanzania – 2 days

Arusha is an ideal place to regroup before continuing with your travel adventure. The African city is dotted with world-class restaurants where you can eat in and get top-notch room services. The city is beautiful and has beautiful purple jacaranda trees that enhance its general appearance.

There are various fun activities that you can engage in when in Arusha. You can take a hike and climb the famous Mount Meru and reside at the Mount Meru Hotel, where you can swim and chill with other Tanzanian tourists. The active nightlife in the city and delicious street foods can be ideal for a nice little escape from reality. Similarly, you can go shopping in the attractive Maasai Market and buy yourself some beautiful artifacts.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – 2 days

Serengeti National Park is one of the most spectacular places in Tanzania where you can visit as a tourist. It is home to large lion herds, leopards, and various wildlife species to enhance your wildlife photography experience. You will easily spot these animals in their daily routines.

Enhance your trip by engaging in camping activities within or outside the park, depending on your budget. The best way to experience these activities is by going through an organized safari to avoid self-driving costs and stresses. Similarly, you can take a safari to the Ngorongoro crater to witness the spectacular views and beautiful physical features.

Moshi, Tanzania – 2 days

You can take various day trips in Moshi, including a coffee tour in Materuni Village, where you can witness spectacular waterfalls. Here you will be treated to a friendly welcome by the hospitable Chagga people. You can also come across the famous Chemka Hot Springs, ideal for spending your afternoon while interacting with the Maasai people.

Similarly, you can climb and hike in Mount Kilimanjaro and interact with the local tribes around the area. The lovely Moshi town will act as a good regrouping point after your daily activities.

Zanzibar, Tanzania – 2 days

Zanzibar is a historical town made of many islands with beautiful features. The most famous one is Unguja with the popular Stone Town and is a fascinating place with diverse cultures, spectacular buildings, and winding alleyways. You will spot many talented acrobats in the streets, delicious street foods and their vendors, and beautiful gardens like the Forodhani Gardens.

There are many fun activities in Zanzibar including, sandy beaches, scuba diving activities, Swahili parties, village tours, and historical lessons that can broaden your mind about the primitive slave trade. Similarly, you can visit diverse local restaurants, go shopping, swim, and take a trip on a traditional dhow that will change your whole African perspective.

In conclusion, a two-week holiday can give you many chances to interact with both Kenyan and Tanzanian tourist activities and locals. Don’t forget to bring your Safari shoes to survive in the African scrub because your holiday will be full of fun and learning.

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