Mitumba bales prices 2021 Nairobi

Mitumba bales prices 2021 Nairobi

Ever thought of how much a mitumba bale might cost? Their prices depend on various factors, including country of origin, the supplier, and the cost of importing them.

What are the Mitumba bales prices in Nairobi 2021

  1. Children’s Bales
  2. Ladies’ Bales
  3. Men’s Bales
  4. Other Fabric Bales

Children’s Bales

Baby rompers (heavy and light) from Ksh15000

Children mix (0 to 12yrs) from Ksh9000

Children light (0 to 12yrs) from Ksh20000

Baby light (0 to 6 yrs.) from Ksh20000

Boys jogging suit (0 to 12) from Ksh10500

Boy jeans (0 to 12) from Ksh10500

Boy / Children T-shirt’s from Ksh16500

Baby blanket from Ksh10000

Children medium rummage (0 to 8yrs) from Ksh12000 and super-premium from Ksh15500

Baby jackets (0 to 6yrs) from Ksh12500

Children jackets (0 to 12yrs) from Ksh12500

Baby fleece (0 to 6) from Ksh15500

Children fleece (0 to 12) from Ksh10000

Boy short from Ksh20000 and Premium from Ksh26000

Boy shirts from Ksh25000 and Premium from Ksh30000

Girl dresses from Ksh25000 and Premium from Ksh30000

Children shorts from Ksh22000—-(Approximately 300-350pieces)

Children Winter Rummage from Ksh12000 — (Approximately 350 pieces)

Children Jogging Pants (track pants) from Ksh12,500 to Ksh18000—-(Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Children Mix Pants (kid’s khaki, jeans trousers mixed) from Ksh14000— (Approximately 140-160pieces)

Kids Bedding from Ksh10000 – (Approximately 100-150pieces)

Boy shirts from Ksh26000 – (Approximately 300-400 pieces)

Boy Jeans 75kg from Ksh15000—-(Approximately 150pieces)

Children Heavy Medium Rummage (UK) from Ksh10000 — (Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Children medium rummage from Ksh15000 (Canada) (age 1year-8years) —-(Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Light children rummage (0-10yrs) from Ksh22000 – (Approximately 350-400)

Children light rummage (0-6years) from Ksh15000—– (350+pieces)

Children Rummage from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 300-350 pieces)

Children Fleece Tops /Jumpers from Ksh12500 —-(Approximately -250pieces)

Children Anorak Jackets from Ksh10500— (Approximately 70-90 pieces)

Children jackets (UK) from Ksh15000 —-(Approximately 100 pieces)

Children jackets (Canada) from Ksh15000—-(Approximately 100pieces)

Boys shorts from Ksh28000 — (Approximately 150-170 pieces)

Children Stocking/tights from Ksh17000—-(Approximately 300-350 pieces)

Children sweaters (UK) from Ksh12500—-(Approximately 170-200 pieces)

Children T-shirts Long-sleeved from Ksh12500—-(Approximately 300-350pieces)

Children T-shirts Short sleeved from Ksh20500—-(Approximately 300-350pieces)

Girl dresses (age 0years-12years) from Ksh25000—-(Approximately170-200 pieces)

Girls Skirts (age 0years-10years) from Ksh11000—-(Approximately 170-200pieces)

Children sweater Canada from Ksh14000—-(Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Ladies’ Bales

Ladies Light Fashion Coats (official and casual) from Ksh14000 — (Approximately 100 + pieces)

Nylon Stocking from Ksh15000— (Approximately 500pieces)

Ladies Mix pants from Ksh15000— (Approximately 200pieces.)

Ladies Winter Skirts from Ksh10000 – (Approximately 150 pieces)

Ladies Fashion Tops (UK) from Ksh15000— (Approximately 300-350)

Ladies tights (Canada) from Ksh15000— (Approximately 200 pieces.)

Ladies Jeggings/Tights (UK) from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 280 pieces)

Mix bags Bale from Ksh13000 (Canada)— (Approximately 80-100)

Ladies Slim fit / Pencil Jeans from Ksh16,000—-(Approximately 100-110pieces)

Bra from Ksh20000 —(Approximately 1000pieces)

Ladies Capri / 3/4 shorts from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 120-140 pieces)

Ladies cotton Blouses from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

Ladies Cotton dresses (Canada) from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 170-200 pieces

Ladies Cotton/khaki trousers from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 200 pieces)

Ladies cotton skirts from Ksh18000—-(Approximately 140-170 pieces)

Ladies Light Fashion sweaters from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 120-150pieces)

Ladies Party dresses/ wedding gowns from Ksh15000—-(Approximately 150-170


Ladies Mini Dress (Canada) from Ksh15000—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

Ladies Dress Tops (UK) from Ksh18000——(Approximately 200-250)

Ladies Mini Skirts from Ksh13000—-(Approximately 150-170 pieces)

Ladies Mix Blouses from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 300-350 pieces)

Ladies mix skirts from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 150-170 pieces)

Ladies poly-silk /chiffon tops from Ksh12000 — (Approximately300- 400)

Ladies, shirts from Ksh10000 Canada—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

Ladies tank tops/sleeveless from Ksh10500—-(Approximately 300-350pieces)

Ladies official trousers from Ksh12000— (Approximately 200 pieces)

Ladies Stockings from Ksh15000 —-(Approximately 400 pieces)

Ladies poly /silk dress from Ksh25000—-(Approximately 150-170 pieces)

Ladies Mix dress grade one UK from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

poly skirts from Ksh22000—-(Approximately 150-170 pieces)

Ladies Polo dress and polo dress tops from Ksh20000 — (Approximately 170-200 pieces)

Ladies mixed dresses from Ksh22000, Premium from Ksh25000 Super Premium from Ksh28500

Ladies Polysilk dresses from Ksh30000 and Super premium from Ksh35000

Ladies light Cotton dresses from Ksh20000

Ladies mixed blouses Premium from Ksh15500

Ladies skinny jeans from Ksh17500 and Premium from Ksh20000

Ladies polo dress from Ksh20000

Ladies mixed skirts from Ksh15500 and Premium from Ksh18000

Ladies khaki pants from Ksh16500

Ladies open/ button sweaters from Ksh15500

Ladies mixed fashion sweaters from Ksh8500

Ladies Polysilk (chiffon) tops from Ksh20000

Men’s Bales

Men sweater from Ksh10000—- (Approximately 150 pieces)

New Men Fashion Jeans from Ksh38000 – (with approximately 50 pcs)

Men Tank tops/ vests from Ksh10000 —-(Approximately 300 pieces)

men cotton boxer shorts from Ksh18000 – (Approximately 600 pieces)

Men’s khaki trousers from Ksh15000 —-(Approximately 120-130 pieces)

Men’s mix T-shirts Canada from Ksh10500—-(Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Men mix t-shirts UK from Ksh10000 – (Approximately 250+ pieces)

Men’s printed t-shirts Round Neck Short-sleeved from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 250-300 pieces)

Men Cotton shirts (pilot, official n casual) from Ksh22000 and Canada from Ksh25000 (UK)—(Approximately 200 pieces)

Men mix shirts from Ksh10000 to Ksh16000 —-(Approximately 200 pieces)

men collar t-shirts from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 200 pieces)

Sports shorts from Ksh16000—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

Sports t-shirts from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 200-250 pieces)

Work shirts from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 180-200 pieces)

Men’s Cargo (side pockets) Shorts from Ksh15500— (Approximately 160+pieces)

Adult fleece/ JUMPERS from Ksh8500—-(Approximately 90-110 pieces)

Adult fleece (jumpers) from Ksh20000 to Ksh26500—-(Approximately 100pieces)

Men khakis from Ksh15500

Men Mix T-shirt’s from Ksh12500

Men polo T-shirt’s from Ksh15500

Men round neck T-shirt’s from Ksh12500

Super-premium college jackets from Ksh20000

Other Fabric Bales

New Canvas shoe bale (adult sizes) from Ksh17000 for 40 pairs and Ksh20000 for 50 pairs

Long Rain Coats from Ksh8500—- (Approximately 110-130pieces)

Long and Short trench Coats (Korea) 100kg from Ksh15000 – (Approximately 90-100pieces) from the UK it is 15000

Net Curtain from Ksh20000 —- (Approximately 120 pieces)

Sweat pants (mixed men n ladies) from Ksh10000- — (Approximately 150-180 pieces)

Flannel Bedsheets from Ksh10000 – (Approximately 60-70 pieces)

Bedsheets (white) from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 70 -100 pieces)

Bedsheets (coloured) from Ksh20000—-(Approximately 60-80 pieces)

Bedsheets (Elastic) from Ksh13000 — (Approximately 70-80pieces)

Bed covers (UK) from Ksh14000—-(Approximately 30-35 pieces)

Blankets from Ksh12500—-(Approximately 30-40 pieces)

Comforters /duvets from Ksh14500—-(Approximately 18-22pieces)

Comforter UK from Ksh8500 – (Approximately 20pieces)

Comforter Canada from Ksh8000 – (Approximately 18-22 pieces)

Hooded sweatshirts (UK) from Ksh8000—-(Approximately 85-100 pieces)

Hooded Sweatshirts (Canada) from Ksh12000 – (Approximately 85-100 pieces)

Nylon jogging pants from Ksh18000—-(Approximately 120-150 pieces)

Curtains from Ksh10000—-(Approximately 80-100 pieces)

Lace Curtain/shears from Ksh16500 —- (Approximately 100 pieces)

school bags 45kg bale from Ksh25000—-(Approximately 80-100 bags).

School bags 30kg sack from Ksh15000—-(Approximately 50-60 pieces

socks from Ksh12000—-(Approximately 600 pairs)

Hard Toys (35kg) from Ksh8000 — (Approximately 80-100 pieces)

Soft Toys (35kg) from Ksh5500—-(Approximately 80-100pieces)

Mix Toys 35kg from Ksh8500 —-(Approximately 100 pcs)

Towels from Ksh15000 to Ksh30000—-(Approximately 100-150 pieces)

Washroom mats from Ksh12000—-(approximately 80-100 pieces)

In conclusion, look for a reliable and trustworthy supplier who can guarantee quality fabrics and offer various discounts on their products. In addition, master the art of bargaining to survive in the Kenyan market.


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