Best Quality Mattress in Kenya

Best high-density mattress in Kenya

  1. Dr. Mattress

  2. Slumberland Mattresses

  3. Bobmil Mattresses

  4. Bobmil Mattresses

  5. Tuffoam Mattresses

  6. Superfoam Mattresses

  7. Vitafoam mattresses

A mattress is a bedroom item that is vital in every household. The sleeping materials come in various sizes and brands of different qualities to suit the needs of all Kenyans. A good mattress is comfortable and supports your weight to give you joint relaxation when you sleep.

Mattresses have three categories that include spring and orthopedic ones.  The materials that make the mattresses differ in size, shape, and nature. For example, foam mattresses contain air-trapped materials while spring mattresses have metal coils suspended between additional layers of foam. In terms of quality, few companies are committed to providing outstanding products for improved sleep for their customers. The companies include;

Best high-density mattress in Kenya

Dr. Mattress

Dr. Mattress is inarguably the best and most successful company in Kenya that produces high-quality beddings. It has a vast customer base in the Eastern Africa region because of the improved technology that the company uses. Their most common mattresses are memory foams, pocket springs, and natural latex. They have many stores and outlets all over Kenya to serve all their customers.

Slumberland Mattresses

Slumberland is also a leading mattress manufacturer in town that provides a range of mattresses in all three categories. Their prices range by size, type, and level of comfort that the sleeping material offers. They also have diverse prices on their products which have a warranty and return policy that maintains good relationships with their customers.

Bobmil Mattresses

Bobmil Mattresses has been a leading mattress processor for quality sleep solutions. Their mattresses are comfortable and match the expectations of any person from all over Kenya. Bobmil mattresses have various groups and categories. They include Lala Salama, Amara, Luxure, Ji Sort, and Maharaja. Their pocket-friendly foams have designs that ensure your comfort and support to ease back pains.

Tuffoam Mattresses

Tuffoam is a mattress and bedding manufacturer that produces high-quality and comfortable products. The company is in Athi River on the outskirts of Nairobi city. They have offices in Kisumu and are known for producing high-density mattresses of various colors and sizes. Tuffoam mattresses are pocket-friendly and built to last.

Superfoam Mattresses

Superfoam is a successful company that produces medium-density mattresses in Kenya. The company has a market experience of over three and a half decades. Superfoam Mattresses have offered comfortable sleeping services to learning institutions, hospital facilities, hotels, and homes in general with affordable prices for all their mattresses. They have different categories that include Morning Glory Value, Superfoam Premium, and Sweetdreams Kids Range. Their kid’s mattresses go for as little as Ksh 1800.

Vitafoam mattresses

The company has been operating in Kenya since 1967 and has its factory based along Mombasa road in Nairobi. It has several quality awards that make it among Kenya’s earliest quality foam companies. Vitafoam mattresses improve your sleep quality because they use the latest technology and innovations to create the best bedding materials in the country.

In conclusion, experts argue that firm mattresses are better than soft ones. However, sleeping preferences may defer from one person to another. Therefore, you should choose bedding materials that best suit your sleeping needs.

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